Free PPC and Google Shopping Audit

Worried about the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns? Not sure how to make the most of Google Ads and its features? Ready to scale up your campaigns for greater returns?

Our free no obligation PPC and Google Shopping audit will identify the opportunities you are missing. Show you what’s working and what’s not. And give you recommendations to get your investment working harder.

Free PPC Audit

Whether your PPC account is managed in-house or by an agency, we have the experience to help.

One of our Google certified experts will review your account from top to bottom, and provide you with a personalised, in-depth, non-biased report.

What does the audit include?

  • Account structure recommendations – PPC & Google Shopping
  • Keyword optimisations
  • Bidding strategy review
  • Ad copy effectiveness
  • Landing page optimisations
  • Spend vs wasted spend
  • Improvements and smart bidding tips

What happens after?

We’ll schedule some one-on-one time with a Zeal expert, either face-to-face or over the phone to go through the audit in detail.

This session will give you a better understanding of where your PPC account could be, with practical steps to get there.