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Embracing Change: from Performance Marketing to Client Services

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As a full-service digital agency, we are always evolving and adapting to change. This is an integral part of making sure we always offer our clients the best services as well as keep up with the latest products. Alongside that, we also have a great approach to allowing individuals to challenge themselves and create new career paths within the agency when they themselves are ready for change!

Having first-hand experience in this, after recently making the transition from Head of Performance Marketing to Head of Client Services, has made me want to share more about why change is good!

I had been working in the digital marketing team for 8 years, producing PPC and Social Ad campaigns and reporting back to clients on results and learnings. When the opportunity arose to take a side step into the client services team, I was up for the challenge. Now after having 6 months of adapting to the new role as Head of CS, I wanted to share some of the transferable skills which have helped me take on this role and make a positive impact:

  • Having more in-depth knowledge of the marketing services we offer clients has helped us to communicate better with clients. This instils trust in what we say, the results we report on, and ensures they have a better understanding of the purpose of the activity we are running.
  • It allows us to be more effective when communicating internally with the other departments. Asking them fewer questions and often helping generate ideas and suggestions on channel activity when necessary.
  • We can look into performance and have a detailed understanding of what the data means, again making us more efficient when answering a client’s query or being able to ask the right questions internally!
  • Improving confidence and therefore the ability to do our job quicker. Having that previous experience has helped me pick up the role much quicker and have more confidence when it comes to communicating with clients. Which makes it a more positive experience for both sides!

Overall, the transition has been really rewarding; having the knowledge and experience in the day-to-day running of accounts is something that’s becoming more important within a client services team. When sharing those skills with the team we have created a more confident department that is more equipped to answer internal and external questions. Confidence in our offering is key when instilling trust in our clients and building those great relationships that are pivotal for any client-facing team and we are super proud of at Zeal!