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Building your brand

Successful brands don’t just sit pretty. They make waves, win hearts and send heads spinning. Everything from your logo to your tone of voice, your values, visions and actions should grab people by the lapels and tell them precisely who you are.

If you’re inventing a brand from scratch or developing your current offering, we’ll help you to wear your heart on your sleeve and live your identity – to provide a compelling experience for your consumers that’s uniquely yours.

Branding & Design

It’s all in the idea

When your clients scratch your brand’s surface, they must find substance beneath style. We helped Connective Leeds, and countless other unique snowflakes, channel a deeper meaning. Your logo will also become one, admittedly stunning, cog in your wider, goal-orientated brand strategy.

Together, we’ll soul search your company to craft handy brand guidelines, based on a thorough understanding of your company’s core beliefs and values. It’ll focus your approach long term, across any and every platform. Everything from your business cards to your website, compliment slips, stationary and product packing will sing the same tune because of it – with James Brown’s gusto and Jagger’s swagger.

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