Community Management

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Community Management

No need to wine and dine them, simply treat your social media fans like they’re the centre of your universe with great community management…

Give great customer service on your social media networks and three quarters of people will recommend your company to a friend. What do they want? Well, 60% expect you to reply to their comment in under an hour, be it a question, review or complaint, as well as trend-tapping creative content that feeds their hearts and minds.

After all, a third of Instagrammers buy products they find on the app, because of the social media and video content you put under their nose. And they’re far from #unique.

Contemporary Customer Service

Just like in person, your online brand personality can make or break a relationship so make sure you dazzle from the get go.

Deliver diamond customer service online, in a space where people will talk about you anyway, so dominate the conversation from your own social media page. Reply to a tweet, and almost 8 times out of 10, you’ll inch your way into the heart, mind and potentially wallet of the person who sent it.

Let us handle your social media – we can humanise your brand and reassure your customers there’s more than just a robot sat on the other side of the keyboard. From nipping complaints in the bud to sparking conversations in your brand’s tone of voice and making every fan feel valued so they keep coming back for more.

Online reputation management really is essential, with 90% of buyers reading reviews before purchasing a product. We can manage your online reviews to ensure that your past customers are saying all the right things about you. Be in control of the situation and if needs be, transform a negative into a positive!

Community Management

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Don’t fall behind whilst your frenemies fly on ahead; listen to your user’s feedback, see what your audience are talking about.

Our expert detective skills help us find out who’s talking about you or sharing your content online and whether they’re influential – giving you the chance to defend or pat yourself on the back and improve your business offering.

We can find out the ‘hot topic’ of your target audience and help you muscle your way onto their radar.

“You’re nobody until you’re talked about”

Everyone wants to be the most popular kid in the classroom, by growing your community and building a team of loyal advocates we’ll ensure you’re the brand that everyone is talking about.

With nearly 40% of Instagram users having made a purchase as a direct result of a post made by an influencer you’d be a fool not to befriend them.

We’ll find the most influential social media users in your industry and set up a campaign so good they’ll find it hard to resist.

Just look at our client Raised By Humans, we identified an opportunity amongst social influencers and together with the SEO & Outreach team sent dogs beds to a number of highly influential social influencers including Megan Ellaby, her boyfriend George, and their darling dachshunds, positioning the RBH brand in front of their 263K followers!

Community Management

Community Management Training

Completed your social media training Book your one-to-one community management training session to develop your brand’s personality, grow and get the most out of your audience. From finding hashtags to hijack to dealing with negative comments and sourcing the best content, you’ll leave your personalised training session a social media customer service guru.

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