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Content Marketing

In today’s digital landscape, brands have to do more than share blog posts and Facebook updates to stand out. To really compete, you need to differentiate from your competitors with a deliberate content marketing campaign, forging real emotive connections with people who are likely to become paying customers.

Campaigns That Set You Apart

We create content marketing campaigns that define your brands’ unique value proposition – the one thing you do better than everyone else, and the main reason anyone should consider spending money with you.

Without a concrete proposition, there is no big idea. The idea is the driving force of the campaign and the reason for creating any content. Only then do we decide on the right combination of media to bring the idea to life and propel your brand ahead of your competitors.

Whether it’s a video campaign that strikes a chord with untapped audiences, or a PR stunt to place your brand on the world stage, we bring the idea to life across multiple platforms to fuel your online presence and establish your brand.

Content Marketing

The Zeal Approach to Content Marketing

We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your brand. The more we understand about your business and your audience, the easier it is to create meaningful content that serves your objectives.

And because search engines are getting smarter at delivering the right information to users, you will be rewarded with higher rankings for creating content that your people genuinely want to see.

To understand how your content is performing from the get-go, we produce detailed reports that keep track of your KPI’s. From email newsletter signups to website traffic, social media engagement, reach, and bounce rate, earned links, and media coverage.

The Power of Long-term Brand Advocacy

A content marketing campaign is essential to grow your audience, achieve long-term brand advocacy, and ultimately increase sales. We worked with online luxury watch brand Page and Cooper to launch their limited edition watch collaboration – the Sinn BLU1.

Combining written and visual content we produced a teaser campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, email, and company blog, followed by a video reveal of the watch to Page and Cooper’s dedicated following.


All 50 of the limited-edition watches sold out within 24 hours, turning over £98,500 in revenue.

  • 874 blog views
  • 4,082 Instagram Video views
  • 8,000 YouTube Views
  • 14,600 Twitter Impressions
  • 21,718 Facebook reach
  • 6,056 email opens

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