Zeal buzz


Blogger events and product launches can take anything from an hour to an afternoon. But their digital impact can be huge and long-lasting online. Allow influencers from our Zeal.Buzz community to get hands on with your wares or services, to meet your brand in the flesh, and they’ll happily tell their community all about you. Benefit Cosmetics trusted us with their experiential marketing. When it’s time to take the spotlight, we’ll make it all about you. We’re your party starters.

‘Put your feet up’ style Event Management

Forget finding your ideal venue, designing tempting invites and drawing up your guest list. We’ll have everything covered. Our event management includes social media strategy and content – before, during, then after your big day too. So if you want prominent bloggers to drum up ticket sales and awareness before your event, you’ve got it, they’ll run social media competitions and publish content. We’ll supply them with detailed media packs, and anything else they need, to cover your event throughout.

To keep the buzz going strong long after your final guest leaves, our event organisers will also seed out our professional photographs and videos of your event on social media. All you need to do is turn up on the big day. Why risk organising your event on your tod? Imagine the stress! Now breathe. You never need to suffer it.

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