Paid Search (PPC)

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Paid Search (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most responsive and cost effective online marketing channels you can possibly harness. Depending on how well you know your way around Google AdWords and Bing Ads, it can generate an incredible return on investment.

But it’s competitive out there. You need to fashion a relevant keyword list, set an optimum cost-per-click, manage budgets and schedules, then link to suitable landing pages just for starters. It’ll see you going toe-to-toe with seasoned advertisers.
Those guys take some beating.

Now what?

Consider us your digital knights in shining armour. We nurture PPC campaigns by hand, using technical tools to streamline your strategy where appropriate. But it’s never left to automated robots. Your relevant keywords and enticing ad copy are penned by intelligent humans for real customers.

We don’t do a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, your pay-per-click campaigns are utterly unique to your business needs and market demands, because your success online depends entirely on pro-activity and innovative thoughts like ours.

How does quality traffic and maximum exposure for the best possible price sound to you? Working together, that’s exactly what our well-honed strategies will give your business.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Consultancy

Andy Murray became Olympic and Wimbledon champion in 2013, yet hired a new coach shortly after to keep his technique fresh and his game plan world class…

Business could be better even when it’s booming, so help your in-house marketing team to chase their targets at full tilt – by moonlighting on the side of our genius PPC consultancy service. No matter your variables or budgets, your preference for Google or Bing, you’ll soon master the latest tools, trends and thinking to revamp your PPC.

Intrigued? Invite us over to inspire your troops with a full learning day, that’ll flood their minds with all the skills and knowledge you need to compete with the best of the best. Looking for a lighter touch? Our PPC experts can be at your disposal via phone or email for that extra push in the right direction.

In safe hands

The Zeal Paid Search team are all individual Google AdWords professional accredited, meaning they understand not just the technical elements of this detailed channel, but the best practice methods in which your campaign can be maximised.

We offer a completely free, no obligation PPC audit where we’ll give your account a once over and suggest areas of improvement.

Bing Accredited Professional

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