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SEO and Outreach

You’d never push a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea. But that’s exactly what you’re doing if you’re not doing some kind of Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

Without an SEO or outreach strategy, your product pages and blog posts are just floating out there on the big blue Internet. Who’s going to find them? Probably not those you want to reach. It’s a self-defeating effort.

Our SEO Offering

There’s a better way to increase organic traffic to your website, and your chance of clinching sales or leads. We start with a website SEO and content audit to implement best practice on-page SEO. And while you start climbing Google’s rankings, we’ll generate impactful off-page campaigns with our roster of online influencers.

SEO Outreach

The Zeal Approach: Influencer Marketing

You don’t need A-listers like Clooney to sell your coffee machine. Sorry George, but 74% of people turn to social networks for advice before buying.

That means you can generate a serious amount of attention for any product, your event or product launch by tapping into our network of ever-so popular bloggers instead. Specialists in everything from food and travel to technology and beyond, each with hungry and engaged audiences you can have on your side.

As well as stirring the internet into a frenzy, influencer marketing can get you an 11x higher ROI than traditional digital marketing. Plus, you’re in complete control of the conversation with these new and relevant audiences – conversations which also strengthen your SEO with quality links, social media exposure and brand mentions, bumping you up search engines.

Quality influencers take some seeking out, so take use of us and our outreach network Zeal Buzz. And while you’re at it, get yourself a bespoke campaign, designed to produce instant results and long-term SEO benefits.

Abrowcadabra with Benefit Cosmetics

Want to see what working with influencers could look like?

Check out the amazing event we did for Benefit Cosmetics with 30 of our beauty influencers that lead to hashtags trending on Twitter!

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