Social Media

Generate leads, reach new audiences, and free up your time. A strong social media presence is key to winning hearts and minds. We'll create, amplify, and track your content with a bespoke strategy designed to build and protect your brand online.

Strategy Built Around You

Social without strategy is an expensive ship without a sail.

We’ll work with you to define who, where, when, and how we’ll target people. Working towards tangible objectives based on research and analysis of your industry and competitors.

We’re clear on what works and what doesn’t. With a realistic idea on how many people you can expect to reach with any given budget. And on what channels you can expect to see the most gains.

Unearth the Big Idea

Social media works when posts are tied together by an idea. Our campaigns focus on specific objectives; whether it’s attracting leads, launching a new product, or pure brand awareness.

From large scale campaigns involving events and influencers, to dedicated campaigns for Instagram. All with one thing in common. They get noticed.

Consumers trust recommendations. When you team up with social media users who have a dedicated following, your network expands exponentially.

We’ll match you with people who ‘get’ your product or service. Handling the creation of all video and animation, graphics, copywriting, and live streaming.

Your New Customer Service Team

Social Media is now the go-to customer service channel.

60% of people expect a reply to a comment in under an hour. Whether that’s a service question, review, or complaint. Set a good example online and three-quarters of people will recommend you to a friend.

Sound like a human and nip complaints in the bud. Our job is to make every fan feel valued and reassured that there’s a real person helping them. Whenever they need it.

Listen to Your Audience and Competitors

We have the software to monitor every mention of your brand online. Across all social media, including blogs and press.

We’ll identify what people are saying and report it back to you, so you can focus on using their feedback to improve your service.

Our tools make it possible to benchmark your marketing efforts against top competitors in your industry. Allowing us to make more informed strategic decisions to get ahead. And stay there.

Bespoke Social Media Training

Save time and money and take control of your social media. We offer bespoke social media training sessions to reflect your goals and provide practical tips you can start using today.

You will learn:

  • How to set up your accounts
  • How to set objectives
  • Growing your followers
  • What results to expect from your budget
  • How to handle negativity
  • Implementing your tone and voice
  • Measuring and reporting success

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