Video & Animation

Video has the power to move audiences. Be it live-action or animation, we'll help you understand the motivations of your audience to unearth the big idea.

Why Video & Animation?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Over half of us watch videos online every day, so integrating video into your marketing strategy is a transformative way to tell your story.

Not just a potent storytelling tool, Facebook prioritises video in the newsfeed more than almost all other content. The easier your content is to find, the greater your brand awareness.

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery

Nail down what your audience should think, feel, and do, with a killer idea.

Step 2: Pre-Production

Style boards and sketches make way for storyboards and scripts as idea becomes reality.

Step 3: Production

Hard work comes to fruition and the fun begins in front of and behind the camera.

Step 4: Post-Production and Audio Mixing

Footage is reviewed, assembled, and perfected to tell your story.

Moving with the Times

As people’s viewing habits change, so must your video content. We take into account where, when, and how your audience will watch your video to get the best results.

Audiences watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound, and attention spans are shorter than ever. This means emphasising visuals and subtitles, and creating video that is easy to digest and share.

Our digital PR and social media teams specialise in seeding your content out to the people who matter.

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