Chianna Ali

Digital Marketing Assistant
Chianna Ali

I’ve always been creative whether that be creating videos, animations or even my own video games but during school I turned to the more technical sides of computing.

Whilst completing my degree in Computer Forensics, I quickly came to realise that the technical side of computing really wasn’t so much for me. So after taking a year out and moving to Seoul, I had a huge change in direction.

Being a Millennial, I heavily use Social Media and thoroughly enjoy creating content so upon coming back to the United Kingdom, I decided to apply for a Social Media and PR job. It’s a huge change for me but it’s thoroughly enjoyable as I am in a job that I love and am learning new things everyday.

There is a huge community feel within Zeal and I am proud to be able to be a part of it. I’m surrounded by some really talented people whom I really look forward to learning from.

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