Chrys Karydaki

Account Manager
Chrys Karydaki

Through my working experience so far I have had the opportunity to work with some really cool brands that has allowed me to get some great experience creating successful brand campaigns and building client relationships.

I’m passionate about management, design, marketing and general creativity. This makes Zeal a perfect fit for me, allowing me to express my ideas and be part of a creative team.

There are many reasons why I love being a digital project manager. The job itself is so challenging and different every day, you never have a boring day at work. I am a spreadsheet-addict and perfectionist, or as some people might call it, a ‘control-freak’, which is perfect for this job! You have the opportunity to work on a certain type of project one day, implementing a specific project management framework and strategies, and the next day you need to work on a completely different project.

I am a people person and I like meeting people with innovative ideas, and I firmly believe multiple minds always work better than one. Working at Zeal as a digital project manager, I get to work with really talented and friendly teams, great clients, and people all across the globe – and I get to enjoy communicating with all these different people in lots of different ways.

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