James Hall

Project Manager
James Hall

I started out my career with a background in maths and computer science, but I realised after several years of working in both start-ups (including a couple of my own!) and larger companies like Sainsbury’s and the NHS that while technology is helping us move forward at an incredible pace, it is people that sit at the heart of this change. Since then I have been deeply interested in change management, complexity theory and how we can best handle risk.

As a digital project manager at Zeal I want to guide our clients through the smoothest process possible, from when they first sit down with us until after we complete the work. Every client is different and we can only facilitate that when we understand their particular context. Many agencies throw around words like “agile” and “sprints” in order to appear modern and trendy but most fail in understanding what these words really mean and in what contexts they should be used.

I joined Zeal because they embrace working in ways that are appropriate for the client and the work that needs to be done. It is very motivating to work alongside a diverse set of talented individuals and I look forward to being a part of Zeal’s inevitable growth!

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