Mike Jacques

Chief Operating Officer
Mike Jacques

I started my digital career as a Web Developer for Microsoft’s online division. Here I grew my commercial experience of the industry as I progressed into other departments such as their Corporate Social Responsibility team. Following this, I moved to an online marketing agency where I was responsible for developing technical solutions – from client websites, to large bespoke insight and reporting tools to aid campaign effectiveness.

Here at Zeal I’m involved in all aspects of the business, but with a key focus on Internal Operations. I’m also directly involved in management of our clients, ensuring we’re always being pro-active in looking at how we can take their online presence to the next level.

I can honestly say I’m extremely proud of what we achieve at Zeal. Everyone here shares a passion for all-things-digital. Just like me, each member of the team wants to contribute to the development of the Internet; whether that be through innovative online marketing, or producing great digital solutions for our clients (and ourselves when we have time!). Together we genuinely do have a Zeal for the industry, and that is why I love being part of Team Zeal!

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