Naomi Adkins

Web Designer
Naomi Adkins

I guess some would say I took the usual 00s teenage pastime of perfecting the design of my MySpace & Bebo profile a little too far. At the time I didn’t realise this was paving my way into a career in graphic design, but I suppose it’s pretty obvious what happened after that point…

Working with a web design focus means I consider all the different ways people will experience your brand online – from their first visual impression on loading your website, through to micro-interactions such as hover states. The web is constantly changing and being able to introduce new processes or methods into my work keeps me learning and ensures my day is never dull!

The measurable impact of being able to create an impression or change the way information is delivered with creative design fascinates me, from the psychology of colour to the connotations of typefaces, I love being able to get inventive with ways of communicating visually and see the results of doing so.

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