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Rebekah Goldstein

I always had the intention of becoming a fashion stylist but somewhere into my first year of university my idea of a ‘dream job’ dramatically changed. In my first term I began my own fashion and beauty blog and as my followers list grew so did my love of all things marketing.

Subliminally, I was always fascinated with social media. As a teenager I spent far longer obsessing over Bebo, Facebook and Twitter than any of my friends, I’d spend hours reading my favourite bloggers and watching Youtubers. I was intrigued by the knock on effect of what happens when you put a message out there on social media.

Considering the self-taught success of my blog, my fixation of all things online and my intriguing nature to go out to learn and find new things I quickly knew the marketing world was where I belonged.

I knew I wanted Zeal long before they knew they wanted me. I admired them for afar for quite a while (not in a creepy, stalker kind of way) impressed by their work hard, play hard ethos, their amazing array of client and the downright impressive work they do. Working for Zeal completely exceeded any expectation you have when you think of a ‘job’, the days in the office are far from ordinary and the company you get to keep is even better.

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