Rowan O’Shea

Performance Marketing Manager
Rowan O’Shea

Hello! I’m Rowan and I’m a Performance Marketing Manager here at Zeal, specialising in PPC. I grew up just outside London but after coming to University in Leeds – I fell in love with the city and couldn’t leave!

PPC is my dream job because it combines marketing and advertising with data and maths (my first love). I studied Maths at University but wanted to use it for something more interesting than finance and accounting so PPC Advertising sounded perfect. I started my first PPC job a few weeks before I graduated University – some may say that’s too keen, but I was so excited to start and I still love it just as much today.

Zeal is an amazing place to work because I get to be among the insanely creative people here whilst working with data and logic which I do best!

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