Taaryn Brench

Taaryn Brench

I only got into design fairly recently in the grand scheme of things. I started my career working in client services which suited my efficient and organised nature! I’ve always considered myself a creative person, from drawing comics as a teenager to learning how to sew my own clothes, but I never really considered that you could have a creative career.

After enviously eyeing up what the graphic designer in the office was doing and realising I was wasting time looking at endless spreadsheets, I made the decision to retrain. I found out about an independent company offering graphic design apprenticeships and completed a 15 month apprenticeship working at an educational publisher. Being able to work and learn at the same time was perfect for me, I was able to learn design principles in the classroom and get real life experience of working to deadlines. As somebody who’s passionate about self-development and can’t get enough of learning new things, getting into design was perfect for me as there’s always something to learn, it’s impossible to know everything!

After finishing my apprenticeship, I knew I wanted to be in an agency environment where the work was varied and fast paced. I’d had my eye on Zeal for a few years and loved the company’s no nonsense, down to earth attitude.

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