Tanya Searing

SEO & Outreach

Tanya Searing

I joined Zeal as an online marketing apprentice in 2014 and focused my career path on SEO and outreach. After finishing my apprenticeship I became outreach executive and now run many of our creative campaigns, driving organic traffic and increasing reach and brand awareness through collaborations with online influencers.

Working with bloggers and online influencers is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools in online marketing and has become a large part of my role here at Zeal. I help to bridge the gap between brands and influencers and create long lasting relationships that positively impact on the work and results that we deliver to our clients.

A Week in My Job

A series of articles detailing a week in the life of each member of the Zeal team. In this edition, Tanya talks about everything involved in a typical working week.

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