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Lammy & Friends. A website for parents to flock to

Lammy is a gateway to a world of learning for curious minds aged 1 to 3, where every episode is a chance to grow.

Meet Lammy

It’s not every day you are approached by a startup whose competitors include Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, and Cocomelon. So when Lammy asked us to design and build a website ahead of their big YouTube launch, we jumped at the opportunity.

The challenge

Build a website that would be a hub for parents and introduce them to the Lammy ewe-niverse (sorry). It had to be fun, with bright colours and subtle yet engaging animations that gave life to the characters. But there was more to it.

Finding the


Play is more than a pastime. Lammy embraces the formative years of childhood by weaving essential life lessons into every three-minute escapade. This meant staying true to the brand’s playful side, while communicating to parents that Lammy is all about learning together.