What we did for Primula

As Primula’s creative partner, we rebranded the iconic cheese brand; including a full suite of packaging and advertising to match. Building on the truth that Primula is the tastiest, convenient cheese in a tube we looked at how to attract their target audience and which content types would resonate the most.

A Modernised Maid

Respecting the history and heritage

We undertook a rebrand, including a refresh to the brand’s long-lasting maid. Bringing both Primula and her into the 21st century, while retaining the heritage that’s at the core of the brand.

Stand-out on Shelf

A System for Scale

Packaging is often the only interaction a customer has with your brand, so it needs to work hard, and embody your brand values. For Primula that meant keeping the recognised tube, and showing the snack credentials, with a touch of fun thrown in. We developed a scalable packaging system that could work for their core range but also translate to new products and limited editions.

What Can You Make In An AdBreak

A Social Advertising Strategy

What Can You Make In An AdBreak was born from the convenience of Primula and how it can add flavour to any meal in an instant. By boosting simple recipe videos across social media at key ad breaks in the audience’s favourite shows, we could challenge them to make a quick meal or snack with Primula, and attract a new audience that perhaps didn’t know about it’s versatility.


Campaign Reach


Video Views


Reactions and Comments

Driving Sales with Traditional Media

Idea and Artwork in Harmony

Alongside social media advertising, we work closely with Primula for traditional media including: 6 sheets, in-store and magazine advertising. From concept all the way through to photography and artworking we designed campaigns that work, by bringing humour to the brand, and ensuring product use was the centre of attention.

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