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Primula is a cheese brand with history. Founded in 1924 by Norwegian businessman Olav Kavli it was the world’s first processed soft cheese. Packaged in the recognisable blue tube, and produced near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne since 1936.

Primula is a cheese with a difference, owned by the Kavli Trust which donates thousands of pounds each year to supporting research, humanitarian and cultural projects in the UK and abroad.  In addition to the great tasting well known cheese, Kavli also own Castle MacLellan Foods, and St Helen’s farm.

What We Provide



Creative Advertising



What We Do

As Primula’s creative partner, we work with the team to create the overarching advertising messaging for the brand to design the offline media, as well as undertaking packaging design for current and future products. 

At the beginning of the working relationship, we undertook a rebrand for the iconic cheese brand, involving a revised logo evolution to bring them into the 21st century, accompanied with a new strapline which speaks to the core values of the brand and surrounding work with consideration to colour palettes, typography and advertising styles.

We have created ongoing advertising for Primula in line with the new brand, which showcase the virtues of the product and speak directly to the target audience. The media created includes: six sheets, shelf barkers, milk advertising, magazine advertising and much more. 

As part of this process we also worked closely with photographers and our own content team to ensure every part of the creative worked in unison to make a splash in an extremely crowded marketplace.



Prumla packaging redeveloped

Full suite of product packaging redeveloped

Primula share increase

January 2016, a brand share of 15.1%. Delivering at 15.7% at 5th November 2016

Primula advertising campaign

National Advertising campaign undertaken