Yorkshire Water

What We Did For Yorkshire Water

To keep Yorkshire Water flowing for their 5.4 million customers, the utility company enlisted our help to improve its overall search visibility and better address the varied and ever-changing needs of the people of Yorkshire.

A Blueprint for Yorkshire

We aimed to improve Yorkshire Water’s organic traffic, ranking performance in Google, and overall content relevance to support their 25-year plan. A blueprint for Yorkshire. The combined activity saw a 22% increase in year on year organic visibility.


YoY Organic Visibility


YoY Organic Traffic


YoY Ranking Keywords

Content Marketing & Strategy

From modifications to current pages to uncovering new topics of interest within the sector, we made the website work harder.

We supported Yorkshire Water with up to date keyword research and fresh copywriting, combing the website to remove any duplicate content. The result? A 39% increase in year on year ranking keywords.

More Answers = Fewer Problems

Through a full SEO audit and continual technical support, we identified UX and content recommendations to improve people’s experience of the website. Ensuring they landed on the pages most likely to answer their questions. This helped to increase organic traffic by 8% year on year and decrease reliance on customer service staff.

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