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The Startup Series: Feel Brand New

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Brand building is weird.

When you start a business, you soon realise that your brand is not one thing, like your logo or website. It’s lots of things.

Like how you explain what you do at networking events. And how you tell your employees what your organisation cares about.

It’s how you react to competitors entering your market, and how you make sure that your Unique Selling Points are exactly that – unique.

Often you can’t put your finger on what needs to happen, but your gut tells you something is missing.

Then it gets even weirder. 

You realise that your brand isn’t what you say about it after all. It’s what other people say about you.

Consistently positive customer experiences breed strong brands. Not the other way around. 

So your brand is closer, by definition, to your reputation than your logo or website will ever be.

Therein lies the true goal of brand building.

Give people something to love. 

When you pin down what makes your brand special and live up to it every day, you give your customers (and team) a reason to bring the brand to life. 

If you’re ready to make this commitment, a brand discovery workshop is a perfect place to start. 

It’s our opportunity to get under the skin of your brand and strengthen your contribution to people’s lives.

Not to mention, strong brands get more organic sales, retain more customers, and can raise prices – the most powerful lever you can pull to increase profits. Source

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