Brand discovery
A clear and confident brand direction

It starts with an open and honest conversation about you, the brand, and your story so far. Then, through a series of activities and elbow grease, we dive deeper into your solution, audience, and competitors to reveal your greatest market opportunity and winning position.




Define or redefine what makes your brand special, with a human touch your customers will love

This is a full-day workshop with two senior members of our creative team.

Why brand discovery?

Brands with a strong sense of who they are and the problem they solve grow more consistently over time. They make more organic sales, retain more customers, and can raise prices – the most powerful tool out there to increase profits.

Smoother working relationships

Get internal and external teams on the same page.

More loyal customers

Align your business more closely with the real needs of your customers.

Clear competitive advantage

Define what makes you truly different and articulate it beautifully.

Better staff retention

Establish a culture that employees and stakeholders want to get behind.

Easier expansion

Adapt your offering to the needs and wants of new markets.

Higher company valuation

Create the consistency needed to win market share.

What you receive

Strategy documentation

Audience personas, competitor landscape, market opportunity and brand pyramid.

Big idea

The strapline, creative insight, or north star that guides everything you do.

Brand narrative

An elevator pitch that brings the big idea to life and bridges your brand strategy to the world.

Ready for what’s next? We can help you bring your insights to life and go on the offensive

We can help you;

  • Design your visual brand
  • Craft a messaging framework
  • Produce tone of voice guidelines
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Build a scalable app, site, or platform
  • Create and run campaigns

Brand Services

Define what you do and how you improve lives. A clear and confident strategy to humanise your brand and win market share.

  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Startup Consultancy
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Copywriting
  • UI, UX and Web Design