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A grand opening for Jorvik Tricycles

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There’s few better feelings as an agency than watching your clients’ businesses grow. 

When we first started working with Jorvik Tricycles in 2015 the adult tricycle market was virtually non-existent.

It was only by sheer necessity that James Walker started this journey, after his father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis meant that he could no longer ride a bike on two wheels.

Today, after growing to become the UK’s leading adult tricycle retailer, we find ourselves back in York where it all began.

Marking its 10 year anniversary, the once online-only brand has opened a new bricks and mortar showroom – complete with an indoor test track.

To celebrate, we organised a Grand Opening event, in partnership with our friends at Lucky North who made sure that this event got the coverage it deserved.

Check it out

Needless to say we’re over the moon to be a part of it.

The community that Jorvik Tricycles have built is among the most passionate and engaged we’ve come across.

Over the course of the grand opening weekend 120 attendees travelled from as far as Aberdeenshire, buying 20 tricycles in the process.

15% conversion rate – not bad!

But the real reward comes from working with brands like Jorvik that are on a mission to do good.