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Joint Ventures: An innovative solution for shared success

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Embarking on a business venture is thrilling, but the challenge often lies in aligning your ambitious project with a limited budget or lofty investor expectations. The uphill battle becomes even steeper when faced with the dilemma of allocating funds between tech builds, creative strategies, and essential marketing activities. The good news is we understand these challenges and offer a groundbreaking solution to startups and scale-ups — a commitment to invest time and effort in building your product, brand, or market presence, with the understanding that payment is linked to your success.

Tailoring solutions to your unique situation

As with anything, it’s rare for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to work, and joint ventures are no exception. It demands a customised strategy, whether it involves a discounted fee with a capped revenue share, a pure revenue share agreement, or a tech-build licensing model. I work closely with potential clients to understand your specific needs and current position, and adapt our approach to fit seamlessly into your business model.

Case study: The Deli Society

Take, for example, The Deli Society, who faced a critical need to enhance their marketing return during the festive season. With budget needing to remain focused largely on media spend, we devised a plan to discount our fees by 50%, paired with a capped revenue share agreement. This allowed them the financial freedom to concentrate on their media strategy while ensuring that success wouldn’t lead to uncontrollable costs.

Case study: Yonda

Another success story is our partnership with Yonda, where upfront investment was not feasible. Through a collaborative discovery phase, we established we shared their excitement for the brand and future growth, and so Zeal committed significant time and effort upfront working on their brand identity, ecommerce website, and ongoing performance marketing. In return, Yonda committed to future revenue sharing, creating a symbiotic relationship where success is a shared achievement.

Ensuring Balanced Partnerships

We recognise the importance of fair partnerships. Some months, the client benefits from a significant investment of time and effort from us, with limited to no immediate costs outside of media spend. Other months, we benefit from a share of strong revenue generation. Our models ensure a balanced investment on both sides, until a transition to a more traditional model that suits both parties is the right approach.

If you’re seeking innovative ways to mitigate costs and risks, and the idea of only paying once you’re getting paid resonates with your business strategy, I would love to hear from you! Drop me an email or get in touch via our contact form, and we can start a conversation about how Zeal can be the strategic partner you need on your journey to success.