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The Startup Series: Scale Faster, Stay Agile

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We’ve spoken to many new clients who are reticent to agree to a retainer, after being burnt in the past.

They tell us stories of how they hired an agency to help grow their business, then optimism slowly turns to disappointment as results stagnate.

Or at a point where flexibility and proactivity are key, they feel paying for a set service retainer only to discover that other areas of their business need work leave them trapped and out of pocket.

Worst of all, they tell us they have been encouraged to spend more money on services, then find themselves at the bottom of a pile as the agency who promised them the world turns its attention to other priorities. Or they’re just flat-out underwhelmed by the quality of the work.

These are problems with the traditional agency model that have plagued startups for years.

Not wanting to be part of the problem, we asked ourselves, how can we structure our business to get better results for startups and scale-ups?

That’s when we decided; death to agency retainers.

We scrapped retainers altogether and replaced them with flexible agency hours to use where they’ll have the most impact – be it brand, marketing, or tech.

Crucially, this means we can adapt strategy and tactics as our clients grow – so they can move faster, control their spending, and focus more time doing their thing.

The result? So far, so good. We’ve helped our friends at Jorvik Tricycles increase monthly revenue by 49% – check out the case study

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