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Startup Series: Less guesswork, more yesss work

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Omnichannel this, integrated that.

The idea of multiple channels working seamlessly together is not new.

Businesses have tried for years to guide customers through an idyllic journey across platforms and devices to their eventual conversion.

Sounds great – in theory.

The reality, however, is that it is impossible to meet the needs of every customer at every touchpoint.

For startups who have limited resources, this blanket approach often results in slow progress, huge costs, and ultimately a disjointed experience for customers.

From our experience, startups should first go all-in on discovery.

Then, use the findings to focus on two or three customer journeys where they have a deep understanding of how people behave.

That is the true meaning of an omnichannel strategy.

It’s exactly how we helped Fenetic Wellbeing increase revenue by 35% year on year and decrease their reliance on eBay and Amazon for sales.

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