Marketing discovery
A master plan to scale confidently

Our goal is to get under the skin of your business and become familiar with your team, history, product, and finances. Then dive into the data to determine the most effective channels to reach your audience – all in a comprehensive 12-month marketing strategy.




Determine the team, tools, and tactics you need to scale up and stand out

This is a full-day workshop with your appointed strategist, channel specialists, and account manager.

Why marketing discovery?

Robust marketing strategies give startups the power to scale confidently, communicate clearly, target accurately, know what works, and make more sales.

More loyal customers

Align your business more closely with how your customers are shopping.

Increased profitability

Turn all sales and marketing efforts into the most profitable outcomes.

Higher company valuations

Gain valuable market and customer insights to win market share.

Clear competitive advantage

Be proactive and keep up with ever-changing market trends.

A sense of direction

Create a foundation to evaluate success and make decisions.

Better risk tolerance

Take precautions to avoid unfavourable scenarios before they happen.

What you receive

Marketing strategy

A 12-month plan to unlock your competitive edge and scale confidently.

Resource plan

What and who you need to make it happen.

Forecast document

KPIs and projections.

Cost breakdown

Required spend to deliver the strategy.

You’re then ready to scale confidently with a powerful plan to reach, convert, and delight your audience

From here, we can deliver your strategy. And for anything we can’t, we’ve got a network of people who can.

  • Setup and activate channels
  • Kickstart your social media
  • Create and run campaigns
  • Design content and assets
  • Craft a messaging framework
  • Produce tone of voice guidelines

Marketing Services

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time. A 12-month plan to unlock your competitive edge and scale confidently.

  • Organic & Paid Social
  • PPC and Shopping
  • Display and Programmatic
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and Digital PR