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Startup Series: Build something beautiful

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Do you need technical skills to launch an online business?

No, but it’s useful to know what goes into the ones people love.

As with anything, without proper planning, costs can spiral, and you can end up bitterly disappointed with the end product.

Here’s the thing.

Behind every successful eCommerce platform, site, and app, is a technical specification containing every detail of its inner workings.

A tech spec is a blueprint that guides the build. From defining the problem it solves to detailing the best platform, features, and plug-ins to solve it.

It’s where roles and responsibilities (for both teams) are assigned and where every task and cost is scoped out.

In short, it removes the guesswork so developers can build faster with scalability in mind – and your platform can expand as your business grows.

It’s how you end up with the right functionality to take on competitors. And for investors, it gives them something tangible to buy into.

Code without a plan, and you risk creating more work for future-you, when new implementations need more time and money to develop.

The bottom line is; coding is a risky business.

Joel Spolsky, founder of Trello, puts it like this;

“Failing to write a spec is the single biggest unnecessary risk you take in a software project. It’s as stupid as setting off to cross the Mojave desert with just the clothes on your back, hoping to ‘wing it.’” Source

At Zeal, we start every tech project with a discovery workshop. Together we assign the tools and technology you need to meet your customer’s goals.

Then, we take the time to interrogate our decisions, study competitors, and test tools – ensuring that the solution will work, convert, and grow with you.

It’s how we helped Grubby build a mobile app for the UK’s first 100% plant-based subscription service – without costing the earth.

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