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Duane Barkakoti

Since graduating from the University of Northumbria, my career path took some interesting twists and turns including Door Security, Event Promotions and a brief stint as a TV extra. Having lived in Ibiza for 5 years, I returned back to the UK and began to forge a career in Digital Marketing.

I realised I had found my forte and spent 3 years working for Google before entering the world of digital agencies.

The digital arena allows me to use my creative skills coupled with an analytical approach to business. It is an ever changing market and there’s always something new to learn. It requires some innovative thinking to ensure my clients stay ahead of the competition and I really enjoy seeing each project grow as a result. Research has been key to my previous success and I like to immerse myself into each client’s business so I can formulate the best strategic approach. I don’t do generic!

I joined Zeal in February 2016, the enthusiasm and creativity emanating from the team made it the perfect fit for the next stage of my career and I love the fun approach we have at this agency. Having all digital disciplines in house means that you get to see the whole picture from conception to development. With Social Media also now making such a strong impact on Paid Search, it is also great to be working alongside our Zeal Buzz team. It’s an inspirational thing to work with others who share your passion for the job and I think that’s what makes our agency really stand out from the rest.

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