Ella Bagley

Performance Marketing

Ella Bagley

I first became interested in media and marketing during my time at sixth form, studying media and business at A-level allowed me to gain some basic skills and I really enjoyed the courses. From that moment on I knew that was the career path I wanted to go down.

After completing my Apprenticeship at Zeal and enjoying every minute of it, as well as learning an outstanding amount in the space of a year I am now a full time member of the team, as a Performance Marketing Executive.

I specialise in working with Affiliates and running PPC/Display campaigns. The part I love most about my job is being able to show clients our results and reaching their targets, which is very rewarding.

Working for Zeal is amazing, we have a fantastic range of clients and always have exciting new things to look forward too. I’ve learnt so much from everyone here at Zeal and I can’t wait to continue doing so.

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