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Katie Nicole

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m coming in at this from a unique angle – Yorkshire’s largest online lifestyle magazine trained me to pen content for the web, all geared towards promoting Leeds. That’s a form of marketing, right? It was an adventure and a half, I ended up in an ice bar, meeting the cast of the West End’s Wicked, and popping up all over the city like a whack-a-mole.

Then I heard that the best writers compel people to act, to buy a product, to book a holiday, to make a choice. Challenge accepted, I want to be one of those guys. Now Zeal have me under their wings, I have a better chance than ever. This is going to be fun, I’ve hit the jackpot, right?

Flashback to when I was the kid with her head in a book, writing stories about my dog (not as weird as it sounds), and my secondary school newspaper rejected me for ‘lack of original ideas’. They’ll rue the day.

A Week in My Job

A series of articles detailing a week in the life of each member of the Zeal team. In this edition, Katie talks about everything involved in a typical working week.

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