Reece Backhouse

Senior Developer
Reece Backhouse

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted as a career. I went through the motions of high school and college never really finding my calling; but I always enjoyed anything tech. Fresh out of college I fell into a web designer role where I got my first taste of what would later turn into my passion. Fast forward eight years and I guess you could say I have found my calling.

I never considered myself creative but combining problem solving with my passion for doing things right is my art and I’m pretty good at it. My zeal (get it?) for web development doesn’t stop when the work day ends; I often find myself furthering my knowledge on evenings and keeping ahead of the curve.

I am an extrovert with a ton of confidence both personally and professionally.

I am glad to be working at Zeal with some of the most passionate and friendly people in the industry and I look forward to growing with them.

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