Reece Courtney

Reece Courtney

After my dreams of becoming England’s first choice right footed left back were squashed very early on in life, I decided to explore the other parts of life that I had always found fascinating. One thing that I had always been curious about was the internet. How is it possible that I can speak to somebody across the other side of the world with a dial up connection that drops whenever the phone rang? I would ask.

With my ever increasing curiosity of the internet and the limitlessness behind what it can achieve, I began studying it both academically and as a hobby. Flash to July 2018 and I had secured a degree in Software Engineering from The University of Huddersfield and began my professional career.

I have learnt a lot during my short time as a professional developer and will continue to learn new things each day, especially within Zeal. I am surrounded by a great team of seasoned developers with skills across many different tech stacks. I look forward to delivering and providing the best solutions for our clients business problems and proposals.

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