Whey Box

What we did for Whey Box

After securing their presence in stores such as Holland and Barrett, Tesco, and ASDA, Whey Box wanted to evolve their online offering with a solution that would grow with them. We created a new website that would appeal to active, sporty women looking for convenience.

Understanding the User

A simple user journey to drive conversion

Mapping user journeys is a key part of designing websites people love to use. We worked with Whey Box to establish who their audience are to design a website that guides them seamlessly towards their goals.

Bespoke & Responsive Design

Beautiful, usable, and no compromises

Rapid prototyping allows for the building blocks and user journeys to be mapped before we develop full concepts. The resulting style guide and design system culminated in a fully responsive website, embodying Whey Box values and making subscriptions as simple as possible.

No Fuss Subscriptions

Pick your flavours, build your Whey Box

The key feature of Whey Box’s offering is their subscription service. We developed a custom Magento 2 solution with flexibility built-in, allowing users to change their orders mid-subscription. This gives audiences freedom to keep their tastes fresh and access new products as they’re released.

Open-Source Advocates

Magento 2 for enterprise

We’re open-source advocates, building all our sites using open-source technology. And in this case, Magento 2 was the perfect solution. Our development team has years of Magento experience, building enterprise level sites and extensions for global brands, with ongoing support.

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