Blogger of the Month: Kelly Prince Writes

Blogger of the Month: Kelly Prince Writes

First of all congratulations, Kelly! At Buzz we’re loving We like to start our interviews with these questions:

When and why did you start blogging? What inspired you?

I started writing a couple of years ago – it seems so long ago now! I actually started my first blog in 2013 (but didn’t keep at it very well!) right after I graduated from getting my master’s degree in Edinburgh. I had a little down time before my next “official” move and wanted something to keep me busy. That’s the simple version of it for sure! I definitely didn’t blog as frequently as I do now though.

Blogger Kelly Prince Writes

What was it that got you into travel & lifestyle and what advice would you give someone wanting to start a blog?

With my background as an American living in London, it seemed natural that I’d like to gravitate towards writing travel posts. I never got to experience European travel growing up so it’s always such an adventure getting to explore new parts of the world. When I was little I’d always dreamed of living abroad and I still have those sort of ‘pinch me’ moments that I get to do it now! Lifestyle was an easy choice as well, because it encompasses everything, from fashion to food – all the things I really love.

I’d recommend doing your research before starting a blog. Focus on what makes you unique and hop onto that. I like the American in London sort of angle that I’ve been working with – but even I find that I’m learning what works and what doesn’t every day. It’s also a huge time commitment getting started. Decide what you want to make of it. Is it a hobby? Is it going to be your full-time job? Figure out what’s best for you before jumping in.

We love the quality of your Instagram page. What are your top tips on making insta-perfect posts?

Thank you! Oh it’s so difficult to be successful on Instagram. It’s constantly evolving, and what’s popular today might not be tomorrow. I think composition is super important. Find a subject, find a focus, find a theme. People love cohesive feeds right now. So find something that flows from one photo to the next. Right now I’m working on adding me more into photos – and making things bright. Oh! And Instagram photos shot from an iPhone really do much better than the ones on my camera, but that’s just my personal experience.

You started blogging in 2013, what do you think has changed most in blogging culture/the blogging industry since you started?

I think the industry has changed so much. It’s a supremely saturated market. There’s a blog or Instagram about everything now. And it’s hard to break into it. I think what’s changed is that people are finding that their everyday is beautiful or interesting in some way. And it is! I never would have thought writing about my hometown would be interesting to anybody, but it turns out, it really is! People don’t want to see “perfection” they want to see real life and personality. It’s a fun shift. It’s also become more supportive over the past few years. Fellow bloggers are looking to help each other and I’m lucky to have friends who are incredibly supportive and are in the industry too.

What do you enjoy most about blogging and has it changed your life, if so, how?

Without a doubt, it’s the friendships! As I took my blog full time at the start of the year, I’ve had the opportunity to build friendships with so many fellow bloggers. We get together in non-blogging ways now too. But luckily – there’s no judgement about getting the perfect shot!

Kelly Prince Writes

Lastly, we have been following your journey for some time and enjoyed it every step of the way, what can we expect from Kelly in the rest of 2018?

Definitely expect more travel posts to come – especially from my travels home in the states. I have a good couple of trips lined up over the next few months and can’t wait to write more about them!

Sadly, that is the end of our spectacular interview,  we hope you enjoyed it! Thank you, Kelly, for accepting our blogger of the month title and we wish you the best in your future ventures.

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