Top 7 London Locations for Fashion Style Photography

Top 7 London Locations for Fashion Style Photography

Whether you’re looking for cliché blogger scenes or hidden gems, London is a dream destination for amazing fashion style photography locations. From brightly coloured Victorian houses in central to graffiti painted walls in east, London has an array of backdrops you can use to compliment any sense of style.

To help make your search for these spots easier, we have geo-tagged the locations. Some of the places listed below are free access (unless stated otherwise), so no need to get your purse out for an amazing photo opportunity.

Portobello Road

Nearest Tube station: Ladbroke Grove

Located in Notting Hill, lays the road famously known for its colourful buildings. This vibrant road is a perfect location for any style glitz or glam. Having the multicoloured homes of Portobello Road works as an amazing backdrop for fashion style photography.

Also known for its street markets, Portobello Road attracts millions of people every year. If you want amazing, pedestrian-less pictures we highly recommend an early weekday morning wander before the shops open and tourists begin wandering.


Brick Lane

Nearest Tube station: Aldgate East

Oh Brick Lane how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…OK, some might say that was a little dramatic, some probably totally missed the reference. But, we’re almost certain that if you’ve not considered Brick Lane as a spot for fashion photography you will after this!

Right, small history lesson, in the 16th century it was discovered that the surrounding area was full of clay which was great for creating bricks and tiles (you see where we’re going with this, right?), cue the Great Fire of London and a huge demand in bricks and Brick Lane was born!

Today, Brick Lane in our (biased) opinion is a must for fashion style photography! It’s the home to individuality for the Kings and Queens of trendy and incredible street art. It’s pretty hard for Brick Lane not to be the perfect fashion style photography location, with all the vintage stores and overflowing creativity. So, if you’ve not taken up the opportunity to capture great fashion style photography of others or do a mini street photoshoot of yourself then what are you waiting for?!


Neal’s Yard 

Nearest Tube station: Covent Garden or Tottenham Court Road

This location is definitely one hidden treasure, not only because it’s unspoken of but because it is literally hidden in-between three main roads! To enter the wonderful courtyard of Neal’s Yard, you must enter through a secret corridor which makes it even more magical!

This location works perfect for a fashion photoshoot, similar to Portobello road the vibrant colours work perfectly with any style!


Leake Street 

Nearest Tube station: Waterloo

Welcome to the graffiti backdrops of all graffiti backdrops! Tucked under Waterloo station, you will find the street artist’s permanent canvas, home to some of Banksy’s early work and more commonly known as Leake Street.

The great thing about Leake Street is that without the expressions of art and colour it would just be another dingy, forgotten and undesirable walkway. What’s even better is that because it is still actively used, if you’re lucky you will catch the art in action which gives you the chance to capture movement and those attention to detail shots.

Ultimately, if you’re there on the rare occasion where it’s quiet or the even rarer occasion that it’s empty the street art feature will transform any picture and give you that real street style fashion look!


Kew Gardens

Nearest Tube station: Kew Garden Station

If you’re looking for all things nature, Kew Gardens is the right location. Unlike the other locations you have to pay to enter the gardens, £15.50* / £14 for adults or if you’re a student it is £14.50* / £13 – the price is dependent on the days. We highly recommending booking your tickets online as it’s cheaper.

With the leafy backdrop and greenery, simple and minimalistic style would work very well. Depending on how much you want to stand out, a colour block yet simple outfit would be a great choice.


Roupell Street

Nearest Tube station: Southwark

I think we’ll call this ‘London’s time capsule’. Roupell Street is decorated with Georgian houses, colourful doors, authentic door knockers and classy vintage cars, like we said, a true time capsule.

The personality you’ll capture on Roupell Street is highly dependent on the time you arrive there. With it being so close to both Waterloo and Southwark tube stations it will either be covered in walking commuters, which is great for natural action shots. Or peacefully empty giving you the chance to really capture the magic of the street and its treasures.

It’s also home to The Kings Arms pub which Time Out calls one of the ten most pleasantly surprising pubs on the London Tube Pub Challenge for its twist of traditional interior met by a fully loaded Thai menu!


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Colombia Road Flower Market

Nearest Tube station: Bethnal Green Station

Although it doesn’t look like it in the geo-tag, Colombia Road flower market is usually very busy, with flowers and plants of all sorts, this market attracting a whole assortment of people. Depending on what time you visit, it’s almost near impossible to have a picture taken without a stranger featuring.

The flower market is open 8am to 2pm but we so highly recommend visiting during the early hours of Sunday.


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