6 Food Photography Tips for Instagram

6 Food Photography Tips for Instagram

As the warmer weather slips away and with one blink of an eye the nights get dark it’s only natural that we start to retreat inside. So how do we keep the blogging up, get great pictures and still enjoy the change in season? We eat!

Food has always been the thing that brings us together and as much as we enjoy food, we enjoy sharing food even more. We all do it, especially here at Zeal Buzz, there’s not a time where we haven’t gone out for a meal, or had our monthly ‘Zeast’ in the office and not got our phones out to take the best pictures, (or Boomerang) before we dig in.

So, if you enjoy your food then here’s our top tips on how to make food last forever with the perfect Instagramable picture.

Interact with the food

Interacting with your food brings a flare of creativity to your shots. Most of the time, especially when eating out, the food that is served to you is aesthetically perfect so most of us understandably won’t want to disturb it. But, gentle interaction with the food can really change the look of any food pic without changing the entire look of the food.

A simple prick of the fork, pouring of honey onto oats or breaking into molten cake gives life to what would otherwise be very still food. You can then go ahead and post your meal onto Instagram and make your followers very hungry in the process.


Focus on the food

This might sound like a bit of ‘duh’ advice but it makes a lot of sense. By focusing on the food and not getting distracted by fancy table cloth, gives you the perfect food focused picture. For most bloggers who capture shots with their phone, our camera phones have a focus function on them which we strongly recommend using.

Pictures like these draw attention and detail to food, especially focusing and highlighting specifically on those toasted edges and perfectly placed garnish.

Shoot from above  

We’ve all seen those overhead shots before and you can’t deny they always work really well. With these shots, make sure that your food is directly in the middle of your shot, be sure to consider your lighting here (we’ll touch more on lighting further on). Watch out for any shadow and keep a steady hand, now you can eat.

One thing we suggest to be mindful of, is food with height. If for example you’ve got a stack of pancakes with a raspberry compote or a filet steak on a stack of dauphinoise potatoes this type of shot really won’t give your food the justice that it clearly deserves. Try a 45-degree angle instead.


Think props

No, we’re not talking about big signs and lights. We’re talking about beautifully designed tableware, wooden boards, drinks or even skillet pans. Sometimes shooting your food in what it has been cooked in before plating it up can be the simple but effective prop you need.

It’s about character, especially if you are showcasing your own food. Many restaurants will incorporate serving food in what it’s been cooked in instead of disturbing the natural look of it and placing it on a plate, so why not bring that same style to your own kitchen?

Get the lighting right

Natural daylight is always best, so if you are lucky enough to be eating in the few hours of daylight we currently have, try and pick a window seat to get the best exposure. If there’s no room to sit by a window, move your plate to the window! As bloggers we all know what it’s like to have people look at you a little funny from the constant pictures, this isn’t any different.

Don’t worry if you’re not lucky enough to eat during the daylight and you are in a low-lit restaurant, we have a tip for you too which gets your friends involved as well. Using the flash on your phone to take a picture of the food will ruin your picture, so there’s no point even trying. Instead, get your friends to turn on their flash and direct it towards the food, all you then have to do is take your picture without the flash on. Job done. Again, this tip will without a doubt have other diners looking at you and your friends in a very funny way, but think how badly do you want that picture?

Remember colour  

Here at Zeal Buzz, we recently gave a talk on the importance of colour in brands and picking the right colour for your brand and it’s the same with food. Colour is so important and shouldn’t be ignored when preparing your food to be captured.

Remembering colour is an easy way to bring extra vibrance to your food. We see this a lot in smoothie/grain bowl meals whereby contrasting and complementary colours are laid next to each other. This work excellently and is without a doubt something to try when taking food pictures.

If you have any other tips or want to learn more about our blogger network and how it can work for you then do get in touch!

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