SEO and Content Marketing – Working in Harmony

October 3rd, 2014 in Content Marketing 2 minute read

It’s all about content: everything is content, and without content we would be nothing. To do successful SEO, a content marketing plan is essential. Here at Zeal, we plan all of our Zeal Buzz campaigns around our content campaigns and it is that approach that generates our successful results for clients. We still divide our offering into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing but they work best together.

SEO has developed with time into what we call ‘subject experience optimisation’. It’s about optimising your site for the ‘subject’, i.e. the user, so that they find exactly what they are looking for and converts on the site, then returns, and refers to others. This is in line with the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ which is the foundation on which we base our content marketing strategies. A user will also visit multiple other off-page sources for information before conversion. These off-page places might be social channels, review sites, articles or endorsements from influencers. This is where our content marketing strategy comes into place: making sure that the user will be exposed to the right type of content on different places to then re-visit the website and convert.

Content marketing is not just about creating more content, it’s about creating the right content and placing it in the right place for the right person. The content needs to be original, high quality and convey the brand message. Some of the most successful content marketing and advertising campaigns are the ones that tell the story of the brand, such as Aldi and Cadbury. The brand voice and personality should shine through all content generated. This type of brand content that is more engaging and shows a more personable side to a brand has the potential to generate natural links and organic traffic. It is more likely to be shared and go viral if the user can connect and relate to the brand and their story.

Many industry experts predict that in 2015 Google will continue focusing on user intent and therefore we have to make sure that pages, products, and content actually meet the users’ needs. This means that we need to focus more on topics and not keywords. It also means that we need high quality content that can be leveraged in such a way that it can generate links which are still important for SEO. Content marketing will move away from being the current ‘fad’ to being just “everyday SEO.”

Our organic promotion offering here at Zeal works hand in hand with our content marketing strategy to promote the brand online for more search engine visibility as well as making sure that the right content is there to meet the users’ needs. We see SEO as the foundation on which we can embark on content marketing to make sure that the brand/client stays visible and relevant in the online world. A content marketing strategy without an SEO strategy is not worth the time and effort. On the flipside, SEO would be nothing without content.

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