Google-friendly Checklist For Your Content

May 5th, 2015 in Content Marketing 1 minute read

We all know that quality content contributes to good search engine visibility and a higher conversion rate.

With the mobile update that’s just launched in mind, there are a couple of things we need to remember about the content we generate in terms of site performance. To remind us all how to create quality content, here are some main points to remember and questions to ask when creating content:

What is seen as a high-quality site in terms of content according to Google?


  • Is the content trustworthy, even to the point that you would feel comfortable giving your payment details to the site?
  • Would you trust that all the information on the site is factually true and unbiased?


  • Does the site use authoritative sources for the content, does it seem like an expert on the subject?
  • Would you recognise the brand as an authoritative source of information on the subject?
  • Does the content offer detailed information beyond what is obvious?


  • Is the content original or have you seem similar content somewhere else?
  • Does the content provide value to the site or does it look mass-produced or outsourced?

Text Quality

  • Is the content edited well? Does it have any spelling/factual errors or duplicated content?
  • Is the content of genuine interest to the readers or does it seem stuffed with keywords?

Site Performance

  • Is the content optimised for mobile and tablet so that all of the content is accessible?
  • Can visitors easily get in contact with the site via social media, chat, or email?
  • Does the content take a long time to load?

It is essential for websites to have up to date, quality content which is in line with the points above. That way you can ensure that Google will regard you as a high-quality site and thereby secure appropriate visibility in the search engine. If you need help with creating your content or generating a content strategy, we’re here to help!

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