Let’s Make It Evergreen

March 8th, 2016 in Content Marketing 2 minute read

What’s better, a weathered book or a crumpled flyer on the ground? That’s the choice you’re making when you pen digital content – whether you’ll publish an enduring evergreen article or a timely of-the-moment post. Of course, it’s a trick question. You need to strike a balance.

News articles and crazes are, quite rightly, the bread and butter of blogs. You need an opinion on trending topics because that’s what people will be searching for and discussing online. But timely content is a tiring, all or nothing approach. If you’re lucky, your topical article will feel love at first. But when the next topic comes along your article will get pushed aside.

That’s where ‘evergreen’ content steps in. Like the trees which stay green in every season, these blog posts and articles remain relevant long after their publication – in spite of everything going on around them.

Create and curate helpful resources that don’t have use by dates – or at least don’t go out of date easily. Aside from a few delicate tweaks, timeless articles are as relevant as the day you clicked ‘publish’.

Here’s a few tips on how to create long-lasting evergreen content:

Avoid time specific references. Focus on meaning and ideas, not trends.

Posts about specific dates and events aren’t evergreen. The report you quoted will be updated with new research. The big day you reviewed will be forgotten. The devil is in the detail. Instead of recalling the goings on, put a spin on it. Take time to reflect and research a more valuable article.

Timely example: ‘Zeal Reviews Cats the Musical’

Evergreen example: ‘How to Write a Musical as Awesome as Cats’

Revisit and update the page – never delete it

Is anything truly timeless? You may need to tweak your evergreen content. That’s fine. It’ll be a small job compared to writing a brand new timely article. But don’t delete the page.

Help everyone to help themselves

Instead of talking at your readers, tell them something which automatically makes their lives easier. Makes them smarter, happier or more inspired humans. List articles are a fantastic example of timeless content. ‘10 Essential Books A Copywriter Should Read’, ‘Top 50 Websites & Tools for Freelancers’ – these helpful guides will stand the test of time better.

Target newbies

There will always be fresh faced beginners trying to learn about your industry. Don’t scare them off with technical jargon. Film ‘how-to’ instructional videos or share your wisdom in a blog post and people will engage with it for years to come. Providing you know your stuff and you seem trustworthy.

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