The Zeal Christmas Advert Champion of 2016

November 16th, 2016 in Content Marketing 5 minute read

I am a Christmas fanatic, the kind of person most people avoid. I watch Home Alone in May, would listen to Mariah in August (I don’t but I definitely could) and begin my long awaited countdown in September (heads up we’re just 6 weeks away!)

Halloween, who cares? Bonfire night, what a drag! But Christmas, what’s not to love.

From the glitz and glitter of the parties, the food and festivities I live for the week the Christmas adverts arrive on our T.V screens. And fortunately for me, that time has finally arrived!

The Christmas adverts are the epitome of a British Christmas. Which retailers have done the best ads and which are the worst has become a hotly discussed topic.

Here at Zeal we’re throwing ourselves into the season of giving and have watched as many adverts as possible to give you our selection of this year’s champions of the Christmas 2016 adverts.



Rather than going for a classic, single Christmas showstopper, Asda has gone for a different approach this year with their adverts (notice the plural) made up of 26 individual moments of Christmas. Each united by the tagline “Christmas made better” almost every ad takes a product and shows families enjoying it as part of the festive season, from planning your Christmas wardrobe, stocking up on Quality Streets (my favourite is the Strawberry Crème) and making sure your house guests feel at home.


 “The old couple in the Christmas jumpers made it for me.”
Ella Bagley

“Pretty dull, I switched off.”
Taaryn Brench

Asda’s average is a pretty pleasant 7/10. It was nice to watch, slightly humorous and very relatable (I see a lot of myself in the elderly jumper wearers- nothing is ‘too much’ at Christmas!). They’re short, sweet and laugh out loud funny, exactly what an advert should be!


The catchy advert begins with a family standing around the piano ready for a classic Christmas carol. Be prepared for surprise as it’s not quite the Silent Night sing along you’d expect, rather an a-cappella version of the Pulp Fiction theme Misirlou.

The rendition includes a gargling granny, a beatboxing grandad, operatic children and tonnes of fun.


“It’s a bit weird, which I like. Makes you remember it….”
Mike Jacques 

“To start, an ad with a granny gargling makes me feel sick and then it’s just forced ‘wackiness’ with no actual message.”
Jane Rutter

Much like marmite, you either absolutely adore this adverts wackiness or you despise it.  That being said, this weird advert certainly stick in your memory and, for most of Zeal, its unexpected surprise put a smile on our face. T.K.Maxx’s average score is a satisfying 7/10, for a not very Christmassy Christmas advert that’s an impressive result!


Causing some controversy John Lewis, usually the most tear jerky Christmas ad of the year has shunned anything emotional for a more humorous tale of Buster the Boxers desperation to try his owner’s new trampoline after witnessing the local wildlife testing it out the night before.

The advert which cost a phenomenal £6 million is always the most awaited and for most, this years did not disappoint.


 “Perhaps not as good as previous years, but still at the top.”
Sam Cartwright

“This is not the John Lewis advert I was looking for…”
Antony Church

Although not as gleefully welcomed as some of John Lewis’s previous Christmas adverts, Buster the Boxer was still a joy to watch. The advert was cute and cuddly, made even better by the fact you can buy your very own Buster!  John Lewis’ average score comes out as an impressive 7/10– as a dog loving office how could we ever dislike Buster?!


Already dubbed the ‘longest advert ever’ Sainsbury’s animated adventure tells you the tale of over worked dad Dave. Dave struggles with his workload until he comes up with a plan to enjoy the festive holiday with his nearest and dearest.


 “Didn’t even really want to like it but couldn’t help myself, I even have goosebumps!”
Kristina Bergwall

“Some funny bits but mainly a bit boring and bad singing from James Corden.”
Carl Fisher

Narrated by James Cordon, the catchy advert really sticks with you (you’ll be singing it all day) and is set to top the Christmas charts as the ‘world’s most annoying Christmas Song! However, despite this and the fact it’s far too long Sainsbury’s average score is a fabulous 7/10. The advert is well produced and funny (particularly when one single snowflake on the train tracks causes delays- classic Britain!)



Step aside Santa, Mrs Claus is taking centre stage this year and quite rightly so!

With a brilliant score of 9/10 Marks and Spencer’s have pipped every other store to the post and Zeal are proud to name them our Christmas Advert Champion of 2016!

The advert focuses on the real driving force behind Christmas magic – Santa Claus’ better half.

Traditionally, Mrs Claus has been depicted as an elderly, plump, rosy-cheeked housewife who waves her dear Father Christmas on his way before going back into the house to wait for his return.

This year however, our traditional Mrs Christmas has been given a much needed Marks and Spencer’s makeover.

Far from frumpy the M&S Mrs Claus is portrayed as one bad-ass, helicopter flying, super stylish, wonder woman, saving Christmas one pair of red trainers at a time!

After receiving a letter from 6 year old Jake who is desperate to make his big sister happy on Christmas morning, Mrs Claus, sets out on her own mission… and naturally, she even makes it home before her hubby!


 “My favourite of the year by a long way. Really good.”
James Burns

“M&S wins all the points from me”
Laura Harford

“Girl power! I love this advert”
Beka Goldstein

“A very stylish Mrs Claus takes centre stage and brings a touch of glamour to this year’s Christmas ad. I love it!”
Lora Thornton

And one more quote we just couldn’t leave out…

 “Riding a chain-driven skidoo with loose fabric is very dangerous.”
Duane Barkakoti

Other strong contenders included: Boots, Waitrose  and Heathrow Airport – all definitely worth a watch.

These are just some of our favourites but which one is yours?

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