Why You Need a Copywriter to Pen Your Website

January 27th, 2017 in Content Marketing 4 minute read

You can probably type with your eyes closed, but writing hard-hitting copy for your website is an art and a science that takes years to master.

Product descriptions, service pages, the bit about your brand – go wild, nothing will stop you from having a stab at penning your own web-copy. There’s nothing at stake but your conversion rate and profit, brand reputation, Google rank, oh literally your entire digital empire, hanging by your every word. Heck, that’s just the beginning of your problems, my copywriter-less friend…

Visitors only read 20% of web-page content

That’s if your website is well-written and in luck. You can’t waste a word, so unless you’re confident enough to bet your e-business on your own writing ability, leave it to the professionals who’ll make every syllable count.

Time-consuming first drafts are only the beginning

You researched your niche, studied keywords and snooped on rival websites, so you know how to outsmart and outshine them – at least, you think you do.

Finishing the first draft of your first webpage is a proud moment, but the average website has four pages, minimum. And crafting several drafts for each, all plain-spoken and straight to the point in a charming way, is a slog.

Want to deck your website with better copy, written specially for the web, in no time at all? Pass us your pen and trust us to speak for you, so you can get on with running your business.

Consistency is key

Planning to share the burden of rewriting your website? Risky. Make no mistake, high conversion websites have one voice, one tone and one personality, which can’t be achieved by committee. Get one, fully-trained person on the job. A copywriter who’ll even develop brand guidelines to run a tight ship.


Your competitors probably hired a copywriter

Ouch. How will you compete with a professional copywriter? Well, you could have us in your corner.

Ultimately, your website is your greatest advert. Would you film your own TV campaign? Read your own radio ad? Right, so penning your own website copy is also doing your brand a disservice.

It’s too tempting to oversell your business and scare people away

How many times have you said ‘we’ on your current website? Naughty.

This may surprise you, but your website has nothing to do with you, it’s about your customers. Stroke their ego, never yours. Your new copywriter will show you how, but basically, you can’t bore people into picking up the phone or placing an order, you can only inspire, excite or scare them. And we know just the words to do it.

You’re too close to your own company

Copywriters, with their fresh eyes and sheer nosiness, will notice nuggets of your business that you’ve overlooked – giving you the chance to communicate your brand more accurately or in a new way, on your website. Don’t expect shy sentences or weak calls to action in your new copy, because our copywriters say what they mean and tell visitors what they want.

Everyone writes, but not like a copywriter

From writing in the active voice to drafting web-copy that reads like a conversation not a lecture, copywriters are trained to get people’s guard down – making them more susceptible to your charms.

We’ll trim off every unnecessary word to streamline your copy like a missile for maximum impact. Your goal isn’t to appear smart through your writing, but to educate and sell to visitors using the words on your website – it’s tricky business.


You’d have to be a serious people pleaser

Your website is a sales pitch. The secret to clinching the deal? Knowing what makes your audience tick. Copywriters are trained to charm people and combat their doubts, by stringing the right words together in an emotive way. Are you? Think of us as psychologists without the chaise lounge.

Copywriters seduce Google with SEO while talking
to humans

That’s how you rank well for specific keywords in Google, boosting your chance of being seen, while appealing to human readers. Targeted keywords must be sprinkled naturally in the copy on your website, satisfying search engine algorithms without alienating your visitors.


Our copywriters are palls with our web-developers
& designers

There’s more to writing your web-copy than getting the words on a page. Have you considered the structure of your website and the journeys people will take – the order they’ll explore your web-pages, the parts of the copy they’ll look at the longest, statistically?

You need to put the right snippet of copy in the right spot to create the best possible experience for people reading your website – give people the information they need, precisely when they want it, before they leave your website like a hat in a hurricane.

Want phrases that bring in the pounds? Sizzling sentences laced with SEO? Come get them.

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