The Mustard Pot Rebrand

May 2nd, 2017 in Design & Branding 2 minute read

The Mustard Pot is a traditional country pub based in Chapel Allerton and they approached us last year to freshen up their brand in order to realign with their core values. The starting point of this project was to get to know The Mustard Pot inside out and determine what was important to them. We conducted a thorough brand discovery day and found that the pub isn’t just a pub, it’s a welcoming place for everyone where every customer is a friend. High quality food, a step up from your standard pub grub, is served daily with a vast range of drinks to choose from. Armed with a ton of new knowledge, we set to work!


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Colours and Typeface

Cream was chosen to accompany the dark blue grey in the brand colour palette in order to establish a modern, country pub aesthetic that also tied in with the high quality and knowledgeable values of the Mustard Pot. Woodford Bourne was selected as the primary typeface for its clean and simple look and the rounded corners of the letters help to convey a sense of warmth and welcoming.

Combined together, the finalised identity represents the artisanal quality of the food served, together with the reinforcement of the all-important ethos of the Mustard Pot – “good food, good drink, good friends”.

I loved Zeal! They were everything I wanted, and I wasn’t even a believer in needing a rebrand to begin with but their professionalism was outstanding every step of the way and I was really impressed how seamless it was getting from the ideas to the perfect end result. I would 100% recommend. They were brilliant, fast and very straightforward about everything.

Nicola Storey

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