Five Things to Consider Before Rebranding

September 12th, 2017 in Design & Branding 2 minute read

Rebranding, whether it’s a subtle evolution or a complete overhaul, isn’t something that should be done on a whim. Without proper thought, not only could it be a costly mistake but you also run the risk of damaging your brand reputation and alienating your demographic. Here are five things to consider about rebranding.

Your current brand

First thing’s first, thoroughly assess your current brand. By asking your customers/staff/stakeholders how they perceive you, you can judge how well your existing brand meets your criteria. If you find that impressions aren’t matching up to your brand values, a rebrand might be for you and could help to align these. Not everything needs to completely change though. You may find things that you like and work well and these insights can be taken forward.

Take Tropicana for example. Pepsico went ahead with a very modern and minimalist package and brand redesign clearly without taking into account their history, values and their customer’s feelings towards the brand. The iconic orange with a straw in was replaced with a bland glass of juice which completely negated the product’s pure and natural claims. As a result, customers were unable to recognise Tropicana on the supermarket shelves and sales dropped by 20%. Unsurprisingly, the rebrand was reversed not long after. If it ain’t broke…

Your offering

Perhaps since you started your business, your services have expanded or shifted. Consider if your current brand still reflects your core services.

Oxygen is an American TV channel owned by NBC. Originally, the network focused on entertainment and lifestyle programmes for women. After experiencing growth in ratings from a “Crime Time” programme block, the channel decided to shift its focus to this genre and suitably rebranded to reflect this.

Your audience

You might have had a specific target audience in mind when first starting out. Since you’ve grown, you may find other demographics and markets could potentially be interested in your brand and a rebrand could help you open them up to you.

The purpose behind restaurant chain Giraffe’s rebrand was to still appeal to its existing family dining customers, but also attract a new audience of “experience hungry millennials”. The new strapline “‘Taste a whole new world” together with a bright colour palette and hand painted typeface evokes a sense of travelling and trying new things.

The whole brand

A brand is so much more than a logo. Think about your personality, how you talk to your customers, your key message, your values etc. For a rebrand to be effective, all these elements need to be consistent. There’s no point updating your logo to something bright and fun if you’re company language is still very corporate!

The transition

It’s important to communicate your rebrand to avoid confusion for your customers and staff. Think about all the things that will need updating (plus the cost of doing this) and create a plan to roll out the changes together for minimal disruption.

Think you’re ready for a rebrand? Here at Zeal, we want to get to the heart of your business and get to know you inside out before the work begins. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you refresh your brand!

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