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April 26th, 2018 in Design & Branding 2 minute read

The Brief

Motus are a video production agency based in Leeds. Working with clients such as McCain,  Primark, and UEFA they certainly know their motion but the Motus identity had grown stale, with a dated website and a logo to match. Their visuals no longer matched the vibrant, eye-catching video work that has gained them a fantastic reputation.

In the most basic form, the brief was “to modernise the brand with an identity and website that was as exciting, creative and ‘in motion’ as their work.”

The Analysis

As with all design projects, we began with Brand Discovery; our tool to get to the heart of a company and establish a foundation to build all other activity on top of.

The existing logo with its murky green and dissected viewfinder no longer represented the agency. The green was uninspiring and the viewfinder was non-descript unless you’re familiar with camera interfaces. It was clear we needed to bring life to the brand and an overt reference to cameras wasn’t necessary.

The Identity

Motus Brand

A wordmark only solution was adopted due to the breadth of visual media the logo would appear on and we certainly didn’t want an icon to get lost in application and confuse the brand. An all lowercase mark with a subtle hint at videography with a filled ‘o’ representing a recording light.

The gradient gives a personal touch to the logo while also allowing the identity to take on visual styles of each of the films made by Motus when in use.

Motus Business Cards

The Colour Palette

Video is always in motion, so why should a logo be a static never changing entity – boring right? With this in mind, rather than create a fully flexible mark, we utilised the HSB colour space to bring flexibility without altering the structure. HSB stands for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness and by fixing Saturation and Brightness, while leaving Hue (0-360°) flexible, Motus could use every colour under the sun without compromising consistency.

Motus Logo Animation

The Website

With a flexible identity and an industry leading showreel, the design solution for the website was simple. Inform visitors who Motus are by letting the showreel do the talking, and provide a clear and interactive journey to see further case studies. The system created aimed to be an app-like experience offering familiarity for high usability, while surprising with little touches of playfulness. The result is a website that gets out of it’s own way, and shows users exactly what Motus are capable of.

In Conclusion

Motus were crying out for a brand and website that matched their industry-leading video production. Now armed with a flexible and modern identity and a website that puts their work centre stage, we can’t wait to see what they produce next.

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