Top 5 Digital PR Secrets of 2018

July 5th, 2018 in Digital PR 2 minute read

There are many tricks of the trade in Digital PR that make the magic of coverage and creating an online buzz happen – luckily for you we’re going to share our top five Digital PR secrets and how you can use them to your advantage.

Prepare to be enlightened…

1. Communicate through storytelling

Ok, so maybe not the biggest secret ever, but storytelling is essential to standing out in the online community with your brand message. Consumers today are switched on but have very short attention spans. If you want to catch their attention and keep it, you need to tell a story worth connecting with on an emotional level. The story needs to have a purpose that resonates with them, but also have the brand message at heart. It needs to persuade others to support the vision, dream, or cause that your brand is trying to achieve.

2. Don’t be a spin doctor

Just like telling a compelling story to get buy in to your brands core vision, being authentic and transparent is an increasingly important factor for brands to connect with their customers.

Traditionally, public relations has found itself somewhere between authenticity and fabrication where the temptation for “spin doctoring” is too great to avoid. In the online world we live in today, where public relations rely on a feedback and response environment, if you lie you will be found out.

3. Targeting, targeting, targeting

Knowing the audience that you want to reach is crucial. In the online world, it can be hard to pinpoint where the best place to reach that audience is.

Whether you’re trying to be part of a dialogue with your potential customers or push out a more promotional message, it’s essential to know your audience in an intimate way. Where do they go online, what platforms do they use, when do they consume content, and on what device, etc.

4. Digital PR takes patience

A good idea doesn’t turn into a campaign overnight, and an effective campaign doesn’t automatically go viral. PR might look easy, especially if you think the campaign idea is good, but the truth is that there is an awful lot of time in planning, preparation, creativity and pitching the idea. Utilising existing relationships in media is always helpful, but there’s always a level of patience you need to have to let the journalists or influencers do their thing within their promotional calendar.

One does not simply go viral meme

5. Things don’t just go viral

On the topic of virality… You can’t just make things go viral! If you target the right audience with the right content, it’s a waiting game to see how people react to your campaign. Your audience have the power to make your campaign go ‘viral’ not you.

So, if you’re asking us to make something viral, I’m afraid we’ll tell you that we’ll give you an amazing idea and great content and target the right audience, and then it’s up to the audience to create the magic.

If you want help with a Digital PR campaign or have a new product or event that you want to create an online buzz around get in touch! We might even tell you a few more Digital PR secrets!

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