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It’s that time of the year again, Christmas Advert season! We’ve put the fire on, got out the hot chocolate and huddled up on the sofa to watch this years offerings. 

There are some really great ads this year, but we wanted to find out what Team Zeal’s favourite Christmas Ad of 2019 was. Below is the list of ads that we selected, read on to find out what our favourite was!

M&S – Go For Jumpers 

Christmas Jumpers and dancing, what’s not to like. This years M&S advert is all about Christmas Jumpers! What starts off as just one person having a boogie in their living room, spirals into a giant Christmas jumper wearing flashmob. It’s different from your standard Christmas Ad and it’s really fun.

John Lewis – Excitable Edgar

Every year John Lewis is in a different league to other Christmas ads. This year that hasn’t changed. With a soundtrack by Dan from Bastille, and the introduction of the new loveable mascot Excitable Edgar, there was really no way that this advert could fail. Well played John Lewis, you’ve done it again.

Sainsburys – Nicholas the Sweep

Sainsbury’s like John Lewis are notorious for having successful Christmas adverts. And, with this being their 150th year, Sainsbury’s didn’t disappoint. In this ad we meet Nicholas, a chimney sweep who is wrongly banished for stealing an orange, he then goes on a journey, from the kindness of Mrs Sainsbury to ending up becoming St Nick (Santa)! A really interesting advert and it definitely stands out from others in terms of production value.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

This year Aldi has brought back the nation’s favourite carrot, Kevin! He starts off in a tricky situation but thanks to his good friend Tiny Tom, a tomato who he later tells to ‘ketch up’ (amazing!). After managing to escape his captors Russel Sprout and his crew he then goes back to his circus tent and has a great time. This ad is fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and I really hope Kevin is back again next year! 

Asda – Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special

Asda have really outdone themselves this year. A heartwarming wholesome advert which sees a young girl capturing some of  “Santa’s leftover magic” and sprinkling a little bit of Christmas all around her town. It’s a really nice advert that hasn’t received the recognition that it deserves.

Lidl – Christmas Elves

For Lidl’s advert this year we decided to have a look at Lidl Ireland. Now, this ad is sweet, well at least it’s trying to be. In reality, it is slightly creepy, and the elves that are supposed to look cute actually end up looking more like something you would see in Child’s Play… An interesting ad and I can see how people will enjoy it.

Ikea – Silence the Critics

Ikea has done well. They have a song performed by ornaments tormenting the owners of a house. Now, I see how this could be perceived in an unfriendly or even un-festive way but, Ikea enjoy being different and out there, and the whole advert does its job of encouraging people to reflect on where they live and what they can do to improve their space.

Joules – Christmas at the Click of a Button

Joules is a bit of an unlikely one to make our list but with its partnership with one of Britain’s most iconic duos – Wallace & Gromit there’s no way we couldn’t give it a mention. This advert is simplistic and effective. It’s good fun and, well, anything with Wallace & Gromit in deserves to be on this list!

The results are in…..

In third place we have:

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot 🥉

In second place:

Ikea – Silence the Critics🥈

But, The Zeal Christmas Ad Champion of 2019 is…

John Lewis – Excitable Edgar 🥇

Do you agree with our top advert of 2019? We’d love to hear which is your favourite Christmas ad, get in touch on social media!

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