Just How Much Could Love Island babies Earn From Instagram?

March 16th, 2020 in Digital PR 2 minute read

The Winter series of Love Island has just come to a close and there’s already baby talk aplenty amongst the contestants. Winners Paige and Finn have hit the headlines with their baby plans and a newborn could be on its way sooner rather than later. Perhaps the baby challenge had something to do with it?

At Zeal, this got us thinking. With the massive amounts of money made by celebrities from Instagram and other social media channels, how much would their babies potentially earn in the future?

The popularity of Instagram is understandable with around 1 billion individual accounts. According to a study by Facebook, 83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products through the social media platform so it’s clear to see why brands turn to the platform to boost sales.

Earnings on Instagram are based on a number of different factors, with the main factor being the number of followers. A recent report by eMarketer broke down exactly how much the Love Island stars could be earning. With some quick maths, we worked out on average, per follower you can earn around £0.0033p. The table below shows exactly how much they could expect to earn:

Influencer Earnings

So, as an example, with Paige Turley boasting 1.6 million followers, she could earn around £5000 per Instagram post. Partner Finn Tapp currently has 1.3 million followers so could be looking at around £4200 per post. With that in mind, how much could their babies potentially earn?

Just how much could Love Island babies earn from Instagram?

Based off an average of 1 post per day in a 30 day month and using the current £0.0033p per follower per post statistic, we’ve put together a table that shows exactly how much Paige and Finn’s Love Island baby could earn by the time it’s 18. 

Potential Baby Earnings

Of course, this is just a rough estimation based on potential follower growth over an extended period. It’s not guaranteed they’ll earn that amount of money because a lot depends on the brands they’re partnered with and the fact that they’d be expected from day 1 to have brand partnerships every day. With the everchanging nature of social media, we also can’t actually guarantee that Instagram will be around in 18 years. Also, that people are still interested in Love Island stars and their children! 

What this graph does however show, is just how much they could be potentially earning by the time they turn 18, potentially pocketing a mind-boggling £148,000 per month!  

What’s even more incredible is the fact they could be a millionaire by the age of 10. They could also earn almost £12 million in total by the age of 18. This, all from Instagram alone. Imagine the savings account they could have access to when they hit 18!

It’s also questionable whether parents would actually want their children to have this sort of fame. BBC research spoke about some of YouTube’s top young earners which shows that kids are making money through social media and streaming channels. 

The future of Instagram 

More and more companies are opting to go with Instagrammers with smaller follower counts as they’re more likely to have an engaged audience that takes an interest in the brand. There’s also the risk of overfilling your Instagram feed with sponsored posts and losing followers. So both influencers and brands are beginning to become warier to ensure they don’t get caught out. 

So it will be interesting in the future to see just how much the new generation of influencers rakes in from Instagram.

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